“We talked to the walls, and they responded.”

“We talked to the walls, and they responded” is a film that resulted from a four-day workshop during the ProArt Dance Festival 2021 in BRNO in the Czech Republic.

The workshop was divided into four phases. First, we explored the use of metaphors to evoke the sensitive body. In the second part, we worked with fictional spaces that offered participants interaction with different scenarios to identify energies and textures in movement. In the last part, we explored the element of the gaze as a dramaturgical tool for dance. Instead of performing for the camera, participants danced with it. In this way, they could find creative responses to explore the gaze to make the invisible visible. During the postproduction, the choreographer and videographer selected footage applying choreographic strategies to tell a story made out of the different histories of each individual in the workshop.

I wholeheartedly thank the ProArt Dance Festival for the invitation and all the participants’ commitment to partaking in this beautiful and magical journey.

Videographer: Jonatan Salgado Romero

Participants in order of appearance : Petr Sic Darja Hlinková, Julie Marková Dana Pešová Pavel Moravec

Artistic director: Andressa Miyazato