The Fictional Spaces of Scores

video by @jonatansalgadoromero

Workshop led by Andressa Miyazato with the first-year BA students of the Institute of Dance Arts (IDA) at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Oberösterreich.

I had the great pleasure of leading a week-long workshop at the Institute of Dance Arts (IDA) in Linz-Austria. Students were guided through a creative process applying methodologies to expand the movement vocabulary by confronting the body with multiple sources for movement. Different strategies were applied to reenact methodologies from canonical choreographers such as Hijikata Tatsumi and Kazuo Ohno, which allowed students to unfold through their own experiences various choreographic tools for composition and improvisation. We investigate how fictional environments open up new relationships between movement and the world around us, creating situations for the body to deal with and allowing unexpected re-actions and emotions to emerge. We danced the idea of self-portrait constructed through negotiations and articulations between the self and the other; by doing so, dancers experience other ways of conceptualizing space woven through voices from the past and present.

Thanks to the videographer Jonatan Salgado Romero by adding extra moves creatig another layer of interaction to our score.

BA Students: Sofiia Zeifert , Veronica Pace , Michaela Pockľanová, Nayoung Kim, Arkadiusz Hryb, Chaerin Gwak, Blaž Cunk, Neža Kokalj, and Nika Sarajlija