A dance piece by Andressa Miyazato in collaboration with BA students from the IDA- Institute of Dance Arts.

With reverberations, collapses, waves, menaces, disappearances, and fierce shared moments, “Shadows” is a physical reflection of the relationship between dance and the environment. Shadows, once detached from the concept of the hidden, undesirable self, became a score for the choreography, revealing a dynamic and creative zone in constant unfolding and interdependence.

Dancers: Elena Nikolovska, Anna Deganello, Léna Julianna, Min Jung Sung, Katharína Krupičková, Zoélie Ruffiex, Danica Lazarevic

Music: Tania Rubio

Costume and stage designer : Magdalena Neuburger

Video by  @Jonatan Salgado Romero