Dancer and choreographer Andressa Miyazato first experienced the power of dance during community arts projects in her hometown where she also began her career at the Ballet de Rio Preto. After that, from 2001 until 2007 she became a member of Cisne Negro Dance Company in Sao Paolo where she danced choreographies by Patrick Delcroix, Itzik Galili, Rui Moreira, Denise Namura, Michael Bugdahn, Dany Bittencourt, Gigi Caciuleanu and Vasco Wellencamp. After extensive touring in South America, the USA, South Africa and Germany, she decided to move to Europe in 2007 where she was offered a position with Dance Theater Darmstadt under the directorship of Taiwanese choreographer Mei Hong Lin. Productions like “Ulrike Meinhof” (by Johann Kresnik) and “Die Brautschminkerin” (“The Bride’s Stylist”) based on a novel by Li Ang which dealt with white terror in Taiwan (by Mei Hong Lin) did not only see Miyazato in lead roles, but the second was also nominated for the prestigious German theatre award “Der Faust”. After tours to France and Taiwan, in 2013 Miyazato herself received a nomination as “BestArtist” in the Yearbook Dance; followed by a nomination in the category “Dancer of the Year 2017” on renowned platform “”. The past years she has been dancing lead roles at Linz Theater in Austria and making herself a name as a choreographer.

As a choreographer Miyazato is interested in the power of dance as a tool for social transformation and works on topics such as identity, feelings of alienation in a multicultural world, transcendental philosophy, narration of the invisible, vulnerability as well as emancipation from social pressure. For the creation of new theatrical realities, she experiments with the use of “objects” that expand and transform the body and create a dramaturgical bridge for the dancer to improvise on a meta-level. Her work “Shi – the Spider” incorporated sculptural objects by stage designer Alexander Kaplun that enabled the performers to slip in and out of different narrative figures of the West African tale about powerful spider god Anansi. Her choreography “Dialogues on Djáguilev ” – a piece about famous Russian Impresario Sergej Pavlovič Djagilev and his embeddedness in the world of ballet, art and his own ego – toured France and Spain as well as many Middle American and South American countries. Her latest work for children premiered in Brazil in 2019 and dealt with nobel prize winner Gabriela Mistral’s poetry and struggle in life. The huge workshop project “Fleurs du Crepuscúle” for DaGuan International Festival for the Performing Arts in Taiwan with improvised choreography to the music of French composer Jean-Jacques Lemêtre and students from the National Taiwan University of Arts was a great success. Besides dancing and choreographing, Miyazato did her Master’s degree in Dance Pedagogy in Linz, Austria, and is in the preparation for her PHD thesis on “aiesthesis decolonial” in contemporary dance.

Text Susanna Schulz