Brazilian dancer and choreographer Andressa Miyazato began her career under the direction of Juan Jose Soares of Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Following an engagement at the Ballet de Rio Preto, Andressa Miyazato became a member of the Cisne Negro Dance Company in Sao Paolo where she worked with choreographers such as Patrick Delcroix, Itzik Galili, Rui Moreira, Denise Namura and Michael Bugdahn, Dany Bittencourt, Gigi Caciuleanu and Vasco Wellencamp. After extensive touring, Andressa Miyazato decided to move to Europe permanently and was offered a position in the dance theater ensemble of the State Theatre Darmstadt under the directorship of Mei Hong Lin in 2007. Productions like “Die Brautschminkerin” (choreography: Mei Hong Lin) and “Ulrike Meinhof” (choreography: Johann Kresnik) did not only see Andressa Miyazato in lead roles, but were also nominated for the prestigious German theatre award “Der Faust”. In 2013 Andressa Miyazato herself received a nomination as “Hoffnungsträgerin” in Yearbook Dance; followed by a nomination in the category “Dancer of the Year 2017” on the renowned platform “”. With the appointment of Mei Hong Lin as the new director of the dance company at the Upper Austrian Dance Theatre, Andressa Miyazato moved her center of life to Linz. Besides dancing and choreographing, she is also studying Dance Pedagogy for her Masters degree at the Anton Bruckner University. 

By being embedded in the practice of dance theatre as a dancer for more than 10 years, Andressa Miyazato has always felt a great participation in the choreographic development of new productions. This attitude to piece development inevitable led her to seek own forms of creating dance choreographies that would give authority to her own artistic visions.  In 2016 Andressa Miyazato created her first work called “Wohin?” with the dance company Balé de Rio Preto. “Wohin?” aimed at researching the body as a spectacle and place where alienation, consumption and metamorphosis took place. In her quest for establishing a link between the human (dancing) body and the world as well as creating intermediate spaces of alternative realities, Andressa Miyazato developed a profound companionship to designer Alexander Kaplun.  2017 saw the premiere of their first artistic collaboration: “Diálogos sobre Diáguilev” – a piece about the infamous Russian Impresario Sergej Pavlovič Djagilev and his embeddedness in the world of ballet, art and his own ego. The piece toured France and Spain as well as many Central and South American countries. The use of “objects” as part of a costume design that expanded and transformed the body would turn out to be creative material which interested Andressa Miyazato more. The video-project “Subs-Tanz” (2018, camera and post production by Jonata Salgado Romero) explored not only the use of different material and shapes in transformation of the body, but also topics such as femininity, vulnerability and emancipation.  Her most recent choreography “Shi – Die Spinne” premiered at the Upper Austrian State Theatre in December 2018 and was again a collaboration with stage designer Alexander Kaplun. The piece about the spider god Anansi incorporated sculptural objects that enabled the dancers of Andressa Miyazato´s team to slip in and out of different narrative figures of the West African tale.