Andressa Miyazato …


                       … as a dancer


With Andressa Miyazato, Mei Hong Lin has a dancer in her company of filigree creative power and almost ghostly appearance, a dancer who can create a meta – level. 

                                                     Andrea Amort, “Die kleine Meerjungfrau”, Tanz Januar 2017

Andressa Miyazato is a fabulous character dancer.

         Alsion Kent, Macbeth (choreography Johann Kresnik) Dance Europe November 2018

Andressa Miyazato has to cope with the hardest part in the role of Lala, if only because she is on stage almost continuously for the hour and a half, but above all because of the incredible intensity of her performance.

                                                       Dagmar Klein, “Lala auf der Coucg”, 2012


                              … as a choreographer


… intensive and communicative choreography …  

               Petra and Helmut Huber, Shi die Spinne, December 2018

… Andressa resorts to the most introspective moment of her personal life to conceive the choreography of Wohin … 

                                                             Harlen Felix, Wohin?,, 2016

… but above all, Andressa Miyazato´s choreography brings to light the (hu)man Diághilev and his passion for art … 

                                                                 Diálogos sobre Diághilev,  2018