Etudes for a new consciousness

Ein Tanzstück von Andressa Miyazato in Zusammenarbeit mit den BA-Studieren- den des 1. Studienjahres des IDA-Instituts an der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität.

We used the image of a „mosaic“ to address the many pieces of experiences the dancers gather as they move from one place to another, and the variety of dance techniques they learn along their carriers. The image of a mosaic reflects the idea of diversity, but furthermore, with the gaps between the pieces – the „scars“ – its overall appearance creates a work of art that is largely handmade. In this way, „Etudes for a new consciousness“ confronts us with questions: is it possible that frag- mentation and scars are what makes life interesting, and that a simple collection of individual pieces can become a rich mosaic of our dance experiences? Should we stop trying to find a figure with a homogeneous surface and simply embrace the pieces collected along the way? Or is the struggle to find that homogeneous figure the necessary element to connect all the pieces of the mosaic?

Choreografie: Andressa Miyazato

Komposition/Musik: Maria Chlebus Kostüm-Design:Seraina Keller

Video by @jonatansalgadoromero

Tanz: Sofiia Zeifert, Veronica Pace, Michaela Pocklanová, Nayoung Kim, Arkadiusz Hryb, Chaerin Gwak, Blaž Cunk, Neža Kokalj, Nika Sarajlija

©Andreas Balon