Lampejos: Uma Degustação Visual

“Lampejos: Uma Degustação Visual”

is inspired by the tradition of Ohno Kazuo’s Butoh and his method of self-portrait creation. The imaginary sensory perception in her approach supports the potential of memory as a choreographic procedure in the present moment. Using the language of contemporary dance and Butoh, Andressa Miyazato constructs scenes that play with the idea of temporality and the concept of linearity of time and with her affective memory of dance: It is not we who move chronologically as a rigid point in space-time, but rather many temporalities pass through us, leaving traces that manifest themselves in the way we communicate with the world – in the form of dance. 

Artistic Direction
Dany Bittencourt

Andressa Miyazato

Music and Performance
Jean-Jacques Lemêtre

Assistant Choreographer and Casting coach
Rafael Abreu e Patricia Alquezar

Adriana Hitomi / Plie

Sound Engineer

Recordings in Paris and Production: Yann Lemêtre

Recordings in Brazil: Marcello Amalfi

Light Designer: Cristiano Paes

Photos: Reginaldo Azevedo