In cooperation with fashion designer Nina Krainer, the video project “Subs-Tanz” (video: Jonatan Salgado Romero) sets out to explore the relationship between texture and body.

When Andressa Miyazato laid eyes on Krainer´s designs, she immediately translated the materials and textures of the costumes into dance. The fabric or “substance” of her clothes picked up on movement when worn while dancing. But not only that: the costumes continued the movement of the body, vibrated with the energy that extended into the material and became almost like a dance partner that received and also created impulses.

Andressa Miyazato´s and Nina Krainer´s focus lay on the concept of layers. Starting from the layers that the surface(s) of the costume created, they metaphorically transferred it onto the idea of a labyrinth. A Labyrinth that visualized the complexity of the human mind and soul, a complexity that is fluid and ever changing form. By extending or redefining the boundaries between flesh and its protective shell (costume), the transitional and dynamic shape of the dancer´s inner life in relationship to the material world showed the body in a different light. A body that clearly displayed its vulnerable and naked core as well as its differently textured shelter. A body that became one with its surroundings while maintaining a mystic center so overwhelmingly contrary and yet powerfully and inexplicably human.